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Organic, Extra-Virgin Mission Olive Oil

The Berkekey Olive Grove Store is currently closed for most of May.

The Great News for those of you visiting Berkekey Olive Grove Store is that Amazon will be providing fulfillment of our Robust 750ml California Estate Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil with no shipping charge!

Get it now on Amazon!

When the Berkekey Olive Grove Store reopens later this month, we at Berkekey Olive Grove Store will continue to offer our high polyphenol Bulk Oils. At that time we will update latest Health and Nutrition Awards. From both sources, in bottles via Amazon or in gallon jugs via Berkekey Olive Grove Store, one can expect the high polyphenol positive attribute experiences of both bitterness on the tongue and pepperiness in the back of one’s throat after the swallow. Enjoy. Darro and Olivia Grieco, May 5, 2019

Thank you for your Supporting Traditional Agriculture and our Company.