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Organic, Extra-Virgin Mission Olive Oil

We invite you to experience the sensational extra virgin oils of Berkeley Olive Grove.

Understanding Bitterness and Pungency: Bitterness and pungency (pepperiness) are positive attributes that are flavor characteristics of various phenols. With food these add condiment value, just as do spices or herbs. Healthfully, these phenols provide antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits. Our olive oils feature high levels of natural biophenols with proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity. Our robust olive oils ranked among the top 2.5% of worldwide olive oils analyzed by World Olive Labs from 2010 to 2015 (link opens in a new window or tab).

Each purchase is also a gift to Camp Fire relief and recovery.

Camp Fire community is our community. A portion of all sales are donated to Camp Fire relief.
$2 per bottle and $5 per gallon

Citrus Olive Oil
Ingredients: Organic citrus co-milled with our organic estate heirloom Mission olives. Harvested February 2018 | Best by January 2020

Our Blood Orange Olive Oil offers exotic nuances in salads, on light vegetables, fish, chicken, oriental dishes, and in desserts and baking. When used in conjunction with our more robust oils, it adds luxury to stronger or spicier dishes (red meats, heavier soups, and oriental foods). Medicinal users of our Robust Classic suggest blending some of this oil to make a daily dose all the more enjoyable.

Blood Orange Olive Oil
Our 2018 Blood Orange is bright, new and alive with fresh citrus; you'll taste the orange zest and flesh. Enlivening, some will be tempted to breathe it in or bathe in it. Delightfully delicious, treat yourself to vanilla ice cream or rice gelato drizzled with this scrumptious oil; and it's amazing on any fresh fruit!

1 Gallon Jug (3.79L) — $127, shipping included

100% Organic California Mission 525 Bulk

Our 2016 release Classic 525ppm polyphenols, 0.22% FFA (when produced) bulk oil adds a lovely olive aroma with balanced bitter and pepperiness as a condiment to enliven your foods.

Milled November 2015 | Best by October 2017

1 Gallon Jug (3.79L) — $75 + $19

Organic California Mission Classic (Ultra-Premium)
Robust — 395ppm Polyphenols, 0.14% Free Oleic Fatty Acids | Harvested November 2017 | Best by October 2019

This season’s Classic offers a boldly balanced level of bitterness and pepperiness. With it, you will experience the flavors and aromas of fresh-cut grass, green vegetables, tomato, and sweet almond! It comes from our earliest harvest of green Mission olives and packs a kick at the finish. An oil of robust intensity, it elevates full-flavored foods; pairs well with spicy dishes, heavy soups, pasta dishes, casseroles, and red meats. With a total phenol value of 395 ppm, this is both a "medicinal", as reported by food scientists (see above: Understanding Bitterness and Pungency), and culinary EVOO. Think of this one as rocket fuel for your health, your health, and your health! Darro and Olivia take a straight shot of this daily.

750ml Bottle, Single — $66, shipping included
750ml Bottle, 2-Pack — $108, shipping included
750ml Bottle, 3-Pack — $151, shipping included
750ml Bottle, 4-Pack — $189, shipping included
750ml Bottle, 5-Pack — $232, shipping included
750ml Bottle, 6-Pack — $266, shipping included
1 Gallon Jug (3.79L) — $123, shipping included

Watch our tasting video for this ultra-premium oil!

100% Organic California Mission Gold
Medium-Robust — 355ppm Polyphenols, 0.15% Free Oleic Fatty Acids | Harvested early December 2017 | Best by November 2019

Our Gold this harvest presents a beautiful canvas of early fruit, grass, tomato, with hints of caramel, parsley, oregano, and mint; and offers a wonderful balance of ripe and green notes. The complexities of this oil again make it Olivia's favorite, "Its pepper and butteriness lingers." Its versatile medium level of intensity brings an engaging balanced bitterness and pepperiness at the finish, complimenting hearty flavors, hard cheeses, whole grain foods, and white meats or freshwater fish.

1 Gallon Jug (3.79L) — $114, shipping included

100% Organic California Mission Reserve
Medium Mild — 259ppm Polyphenols, 0.14% Free Oleic Fatty Acids | Harvested late December 2017 | Best by November 2019

This year's Reserve tastes of buttery rich olive with just a brush of fresh grass and tomato; some palates pick-up a hint of lavender. Its late harvest intensity offers a lovely fruitiness in the aroma while offering a condiment enhancing pepperiness. It features subtle nuances in more delicate foods such as white fish, seafood, white rice, delicate vegetables, and milder cheeses. This is a wonderful dipping oil.

1 Gallon Jug (3.79L) — $114, shipping included

Olio Nuovo Released — December 2016

Olio Nuovo is a fresh olive oil and best enjoyed soon after the olives are pressed. Savored each new harvest season, this oil bursts with a mouthful of flavor and is certified organic, a product of this historic Mission olive estate.

We bottle enough Olio Nuovo each year to last three months; we are now SOLD OUT for the 2016-17 season. Check back in late November of 2017 for our freshest seasonal release.

250ml Bottle, 3-Pack - $45 + $14

Variety Packs
Whether for yourself or someone else, these packs make the perfect gift or right sized mix of our premium olive oils.

All-Intensities Trio
Experience all of our EVOO flavor intensities. All estate grown Organic California Mission olives.

500ml Bottle, 3-Pack including: Classic 465; Gold; and Reserve — $95 + $19

Citrus Duo
Experience both of our exquisite citrus flavored oils. These oils offers exotic nuances in salads, on light vegetables, fish, chicken, oriental dishes, and in desserts and baking. When used in conjunction with our more robust oils, it adds luxury to stronger or spicier dishes (red meats, heavier soups, and oriental foods).

500ml Bottle, 2-Pack including: Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon — $48 + $19

Certified Organic Mission Olive Trees

Adopt-A-Tree -- Help Support The Grove in its 1000-year Project!

One Year Adoption Includes:

  • Tour of our historical grove
  • Tasting of our current release estate oils
  • GPS location of your 2018-2019 adopted tree
  • Opportunity to hand-harvest one gallon of olives in the autumn
  • Booklet including: history, photos, recipes, research information and the answer to the most FAQ: "What does extra virgin mean?"
  • And our thanks for your being part of year 105 of the grove's 1000-YEAR-PROJECT

We ship throughout the United States and for the Armed Services:

Adopt-A-Tree 1-gallon, Organic California Mission - Bulk - $250